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A Powerful Suite for Volcano Mapping – EnhancedVolcano 1.18.0

Volcano plots are a presentation method commonly used to visualize the results of differential expression analysis, and are widely used in biology, genomics, drug development and other fields. With volcano maps, researchers can visualize differences in gene or molecule expression under different conditions and identify significant changes in biological processes, disease development, and more. Here to share with you a powerful and intuitive R suite for drawing volcano maps, EnhancedVolcano.

Those things about the Chinese Emperor – Is Long Live Really Long Live?

"Yellow Emperor Yao, Shun, Xia, Shang and Zhou, Spring and Autumn and Warring States were unified under Qin. The Han and Three Kingdoms were restored and the Jin was restored, and the Southern and Northern Dynasties faced each other. The Sui, Tang, Five Dynasties and ten kingdoms, Liao, Song, Xia, Jin, Yuan, Ming and Qing." - In Chinese history, there were 83 dynasties, 559 Emperors, including 397 emperors and 162 kings. Every emperor is a witness of the times, and their life stories have become stories that are talked about by future generations. We can often see actors calling the emperor "Long Live" in court film and television dramas, and this is true in history. But being an emperor...does he really live long? Let's read on~~

The crisis of the Earth's shield: the cause of the destruction of the ozone layer

The ozone layer is an important component of the earth's atmosphere. It is located in the upper part of the stratosphere, which can filter out harmful rays from the sun and protect organisms on the earth from various radiation damage. However, due to human activities, a big hole was opened in this shield of the earth, and the ecological balance formed for thousands of years was thus broken. So, what exactly caused the breach of this important protective shield? Let us continue to look down.

Acid Rain: Nature's Weeping Tears

Acid rain is a climate problem that seriously affects the environment and ecosystems. It refers to the excessive acidity contained in precipitation (such as rain, snow or fog), which causes damage to soil, water bodies and organisms. The formation of acid rain is closely related to human activities. Perhaps everyone is familiar with the term acid rain, but what is acid rain? How is it formed? And what are its impacts on Earth's ecosystems? Let's move on.
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